Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spraying 2k filler primer on extra parts

With the spare parts all prepped for Filler Primer, I mixed some up and sprayed the parts. I sprayed the front spoiler (not in the pic), the bumpers, the mirrors, the gas cap, the rain rails, and the sunroof (which you can see on the edge of this pic, about to get sprayed.)

Don't forget to clean your parts off well with wax and grease remover to get all the dust off before you spray. It took about two hours to prep, mask, spray these parts and cleanup the gun. If my math is correct, I'm now 100 hours into this project. Wow. This is sure taking longer than the one long weekend I had budgeted to get the whole thing done!  ;-)

Time spent today: 2 hours
Money spent: $0

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